Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 1 July 2020)

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Department of Plant Physiology


Alizée Malnoë, assistant professor
Amir Mahboubi, senior research engineer
Anders Nordström, associate professor
Anna Gustavsson, senior research engineer
Annika Johansson, senior research engineer (absent)
Annika Sjöström, senior research engineer
Anton Vennberg, human resources administrator
Camilla Canovi, doctoral student
Chanaka Mannapperuma, project assistant

Help biologist to explore and gain biological insight in large-scale data sets through new visualisation tools & interaction methods.

Elena van Zalen, doctoral student
Göran Sandberg, professor (absent)
Hans Stenlund, senior research engineer
Jenna Lihavainen, senior research engineer
Jingfang Hao, postdoctoral fellow
Johannes Hanson, associate professor

I investigate how plants modify their metabolism to fit their changing metabolism.

Laszlo Bako, associate professor
Manfred Lindmark, research engineer

Research engineer with a half time employment at UPSC. Working in Markus Schmids group with method development for transgene-free CRISPR editing.

Manuela Jurca, senior research engineer
Maria Eriksson, associate professor
Marti Quevedo, postdoctoral position, postdoctoral fellow
Nabila El Arbi, doctoral student
Nazeer Fataftah, postdoctoral fellow
Niklas Mähler, senior research engineer
Olivier Keech, associate professor
Pierrick Bru, doctoral student
Pushan Bag, doctoral student
Rebecca Gramner, human resources administrator (absent)
Robert Andersson, financial coordinator
Ruben Benstein, postdoctoral fellow
Sanchali Nanda, doctoral student
Sara Häggström, doctoral student
Sara Westman, doctoral student
Silvio Collani, senior research engineer
Siv Sjödin, service assistant
Tatyana Shutova, senior research engineer
Thomas Hiltonen, senior research engineer
Tomas Funda, senior research engineer
Varvara Dikaya, doctoral student
Vikash Kumar, senior research engineer
Wei Zhang, postdoctoral fellow
Yan Ji, research assistant