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Department of Plant Physiology


Alizée Malnoë, research fellow (assistant professor)

I am an Assistant Professor at Umeå Plant Science Centre. My research group investigates the molecular mechanisms of plant photoprotection.

Chanaka Mannapperuma, postgraduate student

My research goal is to help biologist to explore and gain biological insight in large-scale data sets through new visualisation tools & interaction methods.

Eva-Maria Diehl, communication officer

Communication officer for Chemical Biological Centre (KBC) and The Laboratory for Molecular Infection Medicine Sweden (MIMS) with focus on research in life sciences and medicine.

Hardy Hall, coordinator, project

I am the facilitator for the KBC focus environment. My main roles include 1) Primary support for equipment in rooms associated with the focus environment, 2) handling booking for these spaces, and 3) promotion of the environments mission to provide a platform to facilitate communications between teachers, researchers, and students.

Johannes Hanson, senior lecturer (associate professor)

I investigate how plants modify their metabolism to fit their changing metabolism.