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Staff photo Petter Stoor

Petter Stoor

Licensed psychologist and researcher focusing on Indigenous peoples' health and mens' health, espescially mental health and suicide in Sápmi and the Arctic.




Works at

Postdoctoral fellow at Department of Epidemiology and Global Health

Jon Petter Stoor, Pikku-Nilsá Ánde Biehtár, is a Sámi and Swedish licensed clinical psychologist and researcher (PhD) born and raised in the city of Giron/Kiruna and Laeváš Sámi reindeer herding community in Arctic Sweden. Employed as a postdoc at EpiGH, on leave 20% to work as a researcher at the Centre for Sámi Health Research, UiT - the Arctic University of Norway.

My research interests concern Sámi health, with main focus on mental health, suicide and prevention of suicide among Sámi, particularly men, in Norway and Sweden. I have also a great interest for Indigenous peoples health in the Arctic, and mens' health in general. In december 2020 I defended my PhD dissertation "Suicide among Sámi – Cultural meanings of suicide and interventions for suicide prevention in Nordic parts of Sápmi", at the Centre for Sámi Health Research, Department of Community Medicine, UiT - the Arctic University of Norway. At present, I work mostly with establishing and working within the research group Lávvuo

In recent years I have worked on psychosocial health issues on behalf of the Sámi Parliament in Sweden and written a plan for suicide prevention among Sámi, on behalf of SANKS and the Saami Council. In 2017-18 I was an appointed member of the commision that developed ethical guidelines in Sámi health research in Norway. I represented Sweden in the Fulbright Arctic Initiative, during 2018-19. As a Fulbright scholar I collaborated on suicide prevention among Indigenous peoples in the Arctic, with the Centre for Alaska Native health research, University of Alaska - Fairbanks (UAF), AK, US. I have also been engaged in other international suicide prevention projects for Indigenous peoples in the Arctic, through the Arctic council working group for sustainable development (SDWG), and I am a prior board member of the International Union for Circumpolar Health

As an Indigenous health researcher i follow the motto "nothing for us, without us". In paralell to ongoing collaborations with the Sámi parliaments in Norway and Sweden i therefore also work as close as possible with Sámi Non-governmental organisations (NGOs). These include the Sáminuorra (Sámi youth organisation in Sweden), the Sámiid Riikasearvi (the National Association of Sámi in Sweden) and the international Saami Council

During 2022 my main research tasks include producing reports and articles on the health of the Sámi people in Sweden, based on the SámiHET questionnaire study that we carried out during spring 2021, supported by the Sámi parliament in Sweden and the Public Health Agency of Sweden. One aspect of the work is my post-doc project focusing on the health of young Sámi, in collaboration with Sáminuorra (externally funded by the Swedish research council for Health, Working Life and Welfare - Forte). 

Other on-going duties include being a substitute member of the Expert ethical review board for Sámi health research in Norway and as a commissioner in the "Lancet commission on Suicide and Self-harm" and the "Lancet commission on Arctic Health".

During autumn 2021 i started teaching Sámi health at the medical programme (expanding to the psychologists' programme this autumn), and during autumn 2022 we are starting Sweden's first university course on Sámi and Indigenous health, which I have planned and is responsible for. 

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I am course responsible and teacher for the course Sámi and Indigenous health.

I also lead seminars on Sámi health within the medical programme and the psychologists programme, as well as the master programme in public health (also qualitative methodology). I also teach ethics in Sámi health research within the doctoral school at the Medical faculty.