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Department of Chemistry

Welcome to the student related web pages at the Department of Chemistry. Here you will find information about your studies and many other things.

Chemistry Courses

There are several courses to choose. If you click on a course, more information will be displayed.

Exam Projects

Here is a list of available exam projects.

Contact us

Contact information to Director of Studies, Student Counsellors and Programme Coordinators

Instead of the student portal (Portalen)

Are you used to going to Portalen to find your courses, certificates or other services? Here's how to do.

Activate your Umu-id

After admission, you will be given an Umu-id, but you need to activate it yourself.


Follow this simple list of things to complete your enrolment.


Information you may need when you are about to take an exam.

Apply for a degree when you have completed your academic studies

Read more about the requirements and how to apply.

Course evaluations

Here you can find course evaluations of Chemistrys courses