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Register for courses

You must register for the course you are admitted to. This also applies to courses within a program. Here you can read about what a course registration means and how it works.

By registering, you state that you intend to take part of the course or programme. You must be registered in the study documentation system Ladok in order to be allowed to follow the course or programme and to get your results recorded during the course. If you have not registered in due time according to the instructions you receive from the department or programme, you may lose your place.

Registration takes place at the start of the course. For some courses and programmes, online registration is being used. For other courses and programmes, you may need to show up at a certain place and time in order to be registered. You will find information about what applies for your particular course or programme in the welcome letter.

Read more on this page if the course you want to register for uses self-registration on the student website.