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The web site has become a natural starting point for anyone who wants to learn more about the ocean.It has a broad target group, including researchers, environmental officials, media, schools and the public. has existed since 2007 and can be described in many ways; a forum for providing information, a huge collection of links and a unique summary of knowledge on marine issues. It is constantly updated with news, reports, vacancies and more. In 2015 the site passed 1 million unique visitors. A normal working day, has about 1500 visitors.

It was originally developed by Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre and Umeå Marine Sciences Centre. It is now maintained and further developed as a part of a communication collaboration between Umeå University, Stockholm University, Gothenburg University, SLU, the Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment and the web agency Azote.

Communicators at UMF

Kristina Viklund
Communications officer
Markus Nordin
Communications officer (on leave)