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About Várdduo

Image: Sirpa Ukura

Várdduo – Centre for Sámi Research is a unit at Umeå University, engaged in coordinating and initiating new research regarding Sápmi, Sámi and Indigenous culture, society, history and language.

The mission statement of Várdduo

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More about Várdduo´s staff

The centre was established in 2000 as a hub for researchers involved in issues of relevance to Sápmi, and as a mean to immerse Sámi knowledge across the university´s various faculties.

Since its establishment, the centre has worn various names: CeSam – Centre for Sámi Research, Vaartoe – Centre for Sámi Research, and since 2020, Várdduo – Centre for Sámi Research. Várdduo is a Umesámi word for “a mountain with a wide view”, which represents how we work and our view on research.

Várdduo function as a node for doctoral students and researchers from different disciplines within the university. In collaboration with Swedish and Sámi institutions, associations and actors we create a positive research environment where creative meetings and different perspectives enrich research.

The Director at Várdduo is Christina Storm Mienna.

If you have any further questions about Várdduo, or if you would like to become a collaborative partner, please contact Christina Storm Mienna.


Christina Storm Mienna
Associate professor, senior consultant dentist, associate professor
Latest update: 2021-09-02