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Collaboration is at the heart of Várdduo´s agenda, both in order to pave way for anchored research, and to ensure our research activities are of relevance and reaches out to communities, organisations and institutions operating in Sápmi.

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Collaboration and open seminars
Várdduo has recent and ongoing collaboration with different partners, such as the Sámi Parliament and the Sámi Education Centre in Jokkmokk, with the Swedish Forest Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, the Swedish Health Institute and Sámi Education Institute in Inari. We strive to arrange open seminars and other joint activities, linking civic society and institutions with the academy, to the extent possible.

International collaborations, an award and a stipendium
In an academic sense, many of our researchers are involved in international collaborations and transdisciplinary, transnational research projects. As part of Várdduo´s collaborative efforts, we encourage scientific studies of relevance to Sápmi. As an active measure in such regard, we annually distribute Várdduo´s Scientific Award and Várdduo´s Student Stipend together with Sametinget.

Contact us
Are you a student, researcher or potential partner and want to get in touch with us? Please contact our Director Christina Storm Mienna.

For basic information about the Sámi people and the Sámi parliament if Sweden please visit: Sámediggi / Sametinget

We do not assist students or researchers in need of Sámi project partners or respondents.


Christina Storm Mienna
Associate professor, senior consultant dentist, associate professor