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U20001 Pre-industrial occupation patterns in Sweden

Demografiska databasen, CEDAR, Umeå universitet (2020). U20001. https://dx.doi.org/10.17197/U20001

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Analysts and system developers at CEDAR, the Demographic Database, have delivered a data retrieval to the researcher Anna Missiaia, Lund University, from the TABVERK database.

The researcher look at the case of Sweden, a late industrializer that developed into one of the most dynamic economies of the continent. The aim is to construct a database on the occupational structure of the Swedish parishes by gender from 1640 to 1900 using both censuses (from 1750) and non-conventional sources such as tax records and probate inventories (for 1640-1750). To collect information on this earlier period, we use Automated Text Recognition techniques and for all periods we rely on GIS.

The Swedish case will provide a methodological model at the European level for constructing pre-industrial occupational structures as well as a term of comparison of a late industrializer to the existing evidence on Britain.

Data is retrieved from the database TABVERK. TABVERK is a database created to facilitate data retrievals to researchers from many different research fields. It is created with registered data from population and mortality forms from Tabellverket.

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Demografiska data



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Anna Missiaia, Lund University.