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AI Hackathon Pitch Event

Tid Torsdag 2 februari, 2023 kl. 14:00 - 16:00
Plats MIT-husets Ljusgård

Take the first step toward turning the hype of machine learning-powered precision medicine into actual science. Join the AI Hackathon Pitch Event, organized by the Medical Faculty and IceLab, on February 2, 14-16.

Life science and AI researchers will pitch open problems, powerful methods, high-quality data, needs, skills, and new ideas. New collaborative sparks will ignite in group discussions. We have seen the needs and successful outcome of the AI Hackathon event held in 2021, the Medical Faculty AI Council in collaboration with Icelab will organize AI Medicine Hackathon again in 2023!   

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Deadline för att registrera ett abstract för pitch; 19 januari

Deadline för att registrera deltagande: 26 januari



Evenemangstyp: Övrigt
Anna Lundberg
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Martin Rosvall
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