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Tid Onsdag 27 september, 2023 kl. 09:30 - 17:00
Plats Hörsal HUM.D.220

Juridiska institutionen står i år värd för den nationella folkrättsdagen där forskare och doktorander inom det folkrättsliga området möts för att presentera och diskutera aktuella frågor och projekt. 



09:30 Registration and coffee

10:00 Keynote speech by Prof. Kal Raustiala, UCLA: From Palestine to Suez: Ralph Bunche and the Birth of UN Peacekeeping

11:00 Group discussions

  • Room 1: Swedish Network of Doctoral Students in International Law
  • Room 2: Teaching International Law in Sweden

12:00 Lunch break

13:30 Ola Engdahl, Principal Legal Adviser on International Law at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Current International Law Issues at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs

14:00 Parallel sessions

  • Room 1: Felix Bockel, Umeå: Interpretative Trends and the Interplay between Legal and Political Discourse in Pushback Cases at the ECtHR
  • Room 2: Sally Longworth, Stockholm/FOI: Preventative Measures under Art.IV of the Biological Weapons Convention - Updating our Understanding in Light of Subsequent Agreements and Practice

14:30 Parallel sessions

  • Room 1: Alejandro Fuentes, Lund: Comparative Jurisprudential Developments and Adjudication of Indigenous Peoples' Rights. Integration of International Human Rights Law in the Americas and Africa
  • Room 2: Rigmor Argren, Örebro: The Complementary Application of International Human Rights Law and the Law of Armed Conflict

15:00 Fika break

15:30 Parallel sessions

  • Room 1: Emil Wistrand Johansson, Umeå: UN Investigative Mechanisms and Collaborative Justice for Core Crimes under International Law
  • Room 2: Mariana Fakih, Stockholm: Out of my Territory, Out of my Responsibility: Citizenship Deprivation and State's Responsibility

16:00 Parallel sessions

  • Room 1: Ylva L. Hartmann, Stockholm: Criminalizing Torture - Non-State Actors as Perpetrators
  • Room 2: Mattias Hjertstedt, Umeå: Migrant Minors in Detention. Practical Needs and the Limits Set by the European Convention on Human Rights

16:30 Concluding remarks

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