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Human Dignity in Addressing Challenges by Artificial Intelligence

Tid Fredag 24 mars, 2023 kl. 12:15 - 13:00
Plats Online on Zoom

The ubiquitous use of artificial intelligence (AI) is said to bring about both positive and negative consequences for individuals, societies and democratic values. Its human rights impacts similarly range from impacts to discrete rights such as the right to privacy, non-discrimination and freedom of opinion and expression.

On the other hand, the human rights framework is said to be insufficient to meaningfully counter some of the harms posed by AI systems. It is said that AI presents second order challenges ill-suited to be addressed by discrete legal rights focused upon the individual, both elements which are key conceptual foundations of the contemporary human rights framework.

One oft-cited value to guide the human rights interpretation and general governance logic in addressing challenges posed by AI is human dignity. Considered as a core value and expressed in international human rights instruments, national constitutions and other regulatory instruments, the concept of human dignity is one that wears many hats.

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Sue Anne Teo, Europaeum Scholar PhD Fellow LLM, LLB, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Center for European and Comparative Legal Studies (CECS)

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