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Humlab HITS: Digital Humanities – then, now and in the future

Tid Torsdag 3 oktober, 2019 kl. 15:30 - 17:00
Plats Humlab

Panelsamtal med Humlabs Scientific Advisory Board. Moderatorer är Evelina Liliequist & Fredrik Norén

Digital Humanities – then, now and in the future

Since the field of Digital Humanities saw the sunlight in the early 2000s much has happened with humanistic research, technological development and the broader political climate in the world. What has DH-research contributed with during this time? Did DH “save” the humanities or has the two fields merged into one? What characterizes DH-research today? What can academia and society gain from the use of DH methods, perspectives, and theories? In what direction is the DH heading and what are the most important issues for DH to address today and tomorrow?



Arrangör: Humlab
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
Evelina Liliequist
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