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Humlab Tech Breakfast: Digital Methods in Corpus Linguistics

Tid Torsdag 28 november, 2019 kl. 08:00 - 10:00
Plats Humlab, Campus Umeå

We welcome you to Humlab’s Tech Breakfast on Thursday 28/11! We meet in Humlab on campus and start with coffee and breakfast at 8 am. At this breakfast will discuss three texts on the theme Digital Methods in Corpus Linguistics.


Quantitative linguistics is one of the oldest branches within the field of digital humanities. In mid twentieth century, for example, Jesuit priest Roberto Busa turned a complete lemmatization of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ writings into a punch card system for quantitative analysis. Today, more sophisticated and less time-consuming methods provide a possibility of advanced quantitative studies and to raise new research questions and nuance previous linguistic research.


This tech breakfast theme focuses on some key texts from the field of corpus linguistics concerning these new possibilities. We will first discuss some of the texts below, and then Maria Stridsman (Department of Language Studies) will present her work with the tool LancsBox.

Corpus linguistics and language testing: Navigating uncharted waters (Egbert, 2017)

What might a corpus of spoken data tell us about language? (Wallis, 2017)

Ecolinguistics, GIS, and Corpus Linguistics for the Analysis of the Rosemont Copper Mine Debate (Poole, 2017)

Corpus linguistics is not just for linguists: Considering the potential of computer-based corpus methods for library and information science research (Bowker, 2018)



Arrangör: Humlab
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Johan Jarlbrink
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