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Lunch Pitch with Jing Helmersson, Madelen Bodin, and Raoul Theler

Tid Tisdag 19 mars, 2019 kl. 12:00 - 13:00
Plats KBCon Lilla Fokusrum (KBC Glasburen), KBC

First Pitcher: Jing Helmersson
Senior research assistant at the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umea University

Title: Counting the uncountable – A system dynamics modelling approach to the generalization of qualitative study findings and the integration of mixed methods

Second Pitcher: Madelen Bodin
Director of science center "Umevatoriet/Sliperiet" and researcher at the Department of Science and Mathematics Education, Umea University

Title: Science as a source of curiosity

Third Pitcher: Raoul Theler
Visiting researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)

Title: How to deal with confounding unobserved variables in data

More information: http://bit.ly/March19Icelab

Sign up for a free sandwich before Monday, March 18, 10:00 o'clock: https://kbc-forms.upsc.se/forms/82-icelab-lunch.html

Do you want to become a Pitcher? Contact Tatyana Sarayeva, tatyana.sarayeva@umu.se, to snag a spot at an upcoming pitch session. Prior pitches have launched fruitful new collaborations!

Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
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Jing Helmersson
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Raoul Theler
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