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Petronella Foultier: Affektiva ramverk i den konstnärliga och estetiska erfarenheten av dans

Tid Onsdag 22 mars, 2023 kl. 13:15 - 15:00
Plats HUM.H.119 (HD108)

Högre seminariet i filosofi bjuder in till seminarium med Petronella Foultier. Seminariet har den engelska titeln "Affective scaffolding in the artistic and aesthetic experience of dance".

Abstract (på engelska):

In this paper, I will examine how the art of dance can function as an affective scaffold in the sense developed by Colombetti, Krueger, Maiese and some others. The theory of affective scaffolding proposes that our affective states are scaffolded by external resources, in that a local environment, a niche, has been set up by us and our predecessors as a sustaining and enhancing extension of our affectivity. In this local environment, other people, animals and artefacts serve to underpin our affective processes; the latter are thus not to be seen as internal states but rather as hybrid processes encompassing organic states of the subject, material objects and other living beings. Some of these artefacts are works of art, and my aim is to explore how and along which dimensions dance “works” in a large sense – including movement practices, movement material and choreographic performances – can function as affective scaffolds for the creator, performer and appreciator of dance. 

Observera att seminariet ges på engelska. Alla intresserade är välkomna att delta!

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Evenemangstyp: Seminarium
Pär Sundström
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