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Rewriting Rights: The Social Approach

Tid Onsdag 16 september, 2020 kl. 13:45 - 15:30
Plats Distans via Zoom

Högre seminariet i filosofi och vetenskapsteori bjuder in till seminarium med Renée Jorgensen Bolinger, Princeton, "Rewriting Rights: The Social Approach".

Abstract: The usual ways of thinking about how ignorance affects what agents must do to respect each others’ moral rights frame this question as a problem in individual ethics, to be answered by settling whether an individual agent ought to do what is fact-relatively best, or what is best on her evidence. I argue that this is the wrong approach; we should instead understand rights as fundamentally social. I propose modeling agents’ rights as the demands players can reasonably make of each other in a multi-agent, multi-round partial coordination game. I then highlight how this changes how we should think about the content of agents' rights-claims under ignorance, and flag that this has significant implications for how we should think about the norms governing interactions involving self-defense, consent, promising, and the like.

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Distansseminarium via Zoom. Deltagarlänk skickas ut via epost till alla medlemmar på seminariets utskickslista någon dag innan seminariet. Övriga intresserade kan få deltagarlänk genom att kontakta seminarieansvarig.

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Pär Sundström
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