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Teacher agency in AI-mediated systems for fairer outcomes

Tid Fredag 16 juni, 2023 kl. 12:15 - 13:00
Plats Zoom

The Project is focusing on potential offered, and challenges posed, by adaptive AI-based digital teaching materials. The aim is to involve teachers in developing design, metadesign and use of the systems. This is intended to ensure that the systems will be both fairer and better adapted to the learning environment.

Adaptive systems can be seen as a digital learning environment that automatically adapts teaching and teaching resources to the abilities and needs of the individual student. Intelligent adaptivity is when artificial intelligence (AI) is used for this adaptation. AI in teaching, for instance, can be used to monitor students’ progress, ascertain their current strengths and difficulties, and give rapid feedback in the form of explanations and appropriate tasks.

We have found that when teachers are unable to understand, use and influence an AI system, they lose confidence in the systems. It is thus essential to involve teachers, since teachers ought to be able to understand and challenge algorithmic decisions and predictions, but also so they can derive practical benefit from the support offered by the systems.

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Johan Lundin is full professor in Informatics at the department of applied IT, faculty of IT at University of Gothenburg. He is interested in how information technology changes the conditions and possibilities for learning and knowing.

Marie Utterberg Modén is currently a postdoc at the university of Gothenburg. She is interested in the digitalization of education and in particular how adaptivity and AI affects teaching practice, and teachers' work.