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The National and International Network Retreat in AI and Medicine

Tid Måndag 29 maj till tisdag 30 maj, 2023 kl. 16:00 - 13:00
Plats Granö

Måndagens AI-evenemang på Campus fortsätter i Granö på eftermiddagen och på tisdagen. Möjligt att delta på distans via zoom. Evenemanget hålls på engelska. Zoomlänk: umu.zoom.us/j/8689504249

Program måndag:

16:30–16:40 Opening Remarks
and Introduction
Jenny Persson, MAI, UmU

Session 1: Lessons-
learned in establishing strategic, multidisciplinary excellence centres and collaborations in AI
Chair: Göran Larsson, Head of Research, education and innovation, Region Västbotten

16:40–16:50 The AI Council at
the Faculty of Medicine, UmU: Vision, long-term goals, strategic action plans and activities
Jenny Persson, Chair of the MAI, UmU

16:50–17:00 TAIGA – Centre for Transdiciplinary AI, UmU
Nina Sundström, Coordinator in
the focus area AI in medicine and health at TAIGA

17:00–17:10 AI in digital imaging analysis, and the link to Data-Driven Life Sciences (DDLS)
Carolina Wählby, Professor, Uppsala
University, DDLS steering group member

17:10–17:20 AIDA – A national-wide infrastructure and data hub
Joel Hedlund, Director for Analytical Imaging Diagnostics Arena (AIDA), Linköping University

Session 2: AI-Application
in Precision Medicine, Patient Care and
Biomedical Research
Chair: Lars Lindsköld, Västra Götalandsregionen, AI Sweden

17:20–17:30 AI-National Coordination in Digital Pathology for Precision Medicine
Kevin Sandeman, Head of the Pathology, SUS, Member of
the National work group for
Digital pathology

17:30–17:40 Interplay between natural and artificial intelligence
Paolo Medini, MAI, IMB, UmU

17:40–17:50 AI Precision
Medicine in Pathology
Mattias Rantalainen, Karolinska Institutet. SwAIPP

17:50–18.10 Coffee break
Session 3: AI-Application
in Education
Chair: Marlene Sandlund, MAI

18:10-18:20 MAIs initiative and activities in AI-Education
Madeleine Blusi, MAI

18:20–18:30 ChatGPT:
from student’s perspective
Karl Nyberg, MAI

Keynote Speech
Chair: Anna Lundberg, MAI
18:30–18:45 Overview of AI applications in Precision Medicine – Approaches of Stanford University
Roxana Daneshjou, Stanford University


Session 4: Experiences
on developing AI competence for future
Chair: Johan Normark, MAI

8:30–8:40 Strategies for forming broad AI networks-a case study from Lund and thoughts about nordic network of networks
Kalle Åström, Professor,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Coordinator, AI Lund

8:40–8:50 Coordinate teaching
in AI/ML courses and program
Krzysztof Bartoszek, Division of Statistics and Machine Learning, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University

8:50-8:55 Information on behalf
of Katrine Riklund, Professor,
Pro-vice chancellor, UmU.
EUCAIM, Develop an EU “atlas”
of cancer-related images

Session 5: Workshop Discussion and Networking: How to strategically move forward together
Chairs: Jenny Persson, Lars Lindsköld, Karl Åström, Göran Larsson and Christer Grönlund

The topics for the discussion
will be presented by the session chairs on-site. The participants
will be devided into 5 groups for parallel discussions.

10:30-10:40: Conclusion remarks

11:30-12:30 Lunch at Granö

13:10 Departure

Program Network Retreat May 29-30 tillg.pdf

Evenemangstyp: Konferens
Anna Lundberg
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