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What is Embodied Interactive AI?

Tid Fredag 10 mars, 2023 kl. 12:15 - 13:00
Plats Hum.G.231 & Online via Zoom

In this short talk, we will give a brief overview of what the research field Embodied Interactive AI is and how it relates to other areas of AI.

We will also describe a few domains that are among the most pressing to investigate scientifically:

  • Social interaction with polite and fair robots
  • Human-Human-social connectedness as virtually embodied, with avatars
  • Human-AI interaction with semi-embodied and generative AI as e.g. in Microsoft Bing and ChatGPT

All these domains are highly relevant for applications of AI in, for example, teaching, healthcare, and business, but there is currently very little generalizable understanding of the involved processes.

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Thomas Hellström leads the Intelligent Robotics group at the Department of Computer Science at Umeå University


Niclas Kaiser is a university lecturer at the Department of Psychology, at Umeå University

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