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Facilitated Group Work: Instructions

For these facilitated working groups, you will prepare a 1000–2000-word paper. During your presentation slot, you present a 5–10 minute summary of your paper and highlight your desired focus for the discussion. This presentation can, but does not have to, use PowerPoint or Prezi or similar.
Each seminar group will have facilitators but they will not lead the seminar.

We expect you to read all the papers in your group. Three of these you will focus on in more depth. You will read one paper that is close to your research area, one that is far from your research area, and one other paper that you find particularly interesting. For each of these three papers, you are expected to prepare three questions to ask the paper’s presenter. These may be clarification questions, methodological questions, theoretical questions and/or philosophical questions: you decide!

For the presentation of PhD projects for the working group seminars you need to:

• Write a 1000–2000-word summary of your research plans with the following

1. Title the paper with the preliminary title of your PhD dissertation/thesis

2. Start the paper using the following three sentences:
a. Complete the sentence: “The purpose of this study is …”
b. Complete the sentence: “My research question(s) is/are …”
c. Complete the sentence: “My research design is …”

3. Contextualize your study in circa 500 words

4. Outline your research method(s), proposed / completed, write this as a journal article methods section that is appropriate for your topic in circa 750 words

5. Reflect on the challenges of your research design, specifically focus on
aspects you wish to discuss in the seminar. This can be methodological or
theoretical… circa 750 words

6. List: six (6) keywords relating to your study (see a journal paper for examples) Remember the focus of the week’s symposium is Making Research Doable with a focus on design and methods. We suggest that you highlight a current challenge you are grappling with in these areas. The exact nature of this challenge will depend upon how far you have come in your research process; that is from thinking about design possibilities, operationalizing the design to effectively presenting your design and method in your thesis.
− Don’t forget to write your name and university in the header of the paper.
− Include page numbers.
− Name your file with your own name (first and last) before uploading it.

Submit your paper by 22nd August

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