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Making Research Doable: Doctoral symposium 5-8 September 2022

This doctoral symposium brings together Education doctoral students from Umeå University, Sweden with doctoral students from across Wales for a week-long research training event. The event is hosted by the School of Educational Sciences, Bangor University, and takes place in Bangor 5-8 September 2022.

The symposium comprises of a series of talks, workshops, and facilitated seminar groups. Talks/workshops/seminar groups are led/delivered by staff from Umeå University and staff members from Welsh universities.

Students submit a summary of their doctoral research and any challenges they currently face with their studies (study design, data collection, ethics, etc.) prior to the event, to be shared with fellow students. Each student is given an opportunity to discuss their research in facilitated seminar groups and receive feedback and support from their peers.

The programme includes excursions and opportunities for informal discussions and meetings to facilitate further collaboration. 

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