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Publicerad: 2012-02-21

2 PhD positions open

NYHET The Faculty of Arts will employ two PhD students in history of science and ideas. Deadline for applications is February 29.

The Faculty of Arts at Umeå University is looking to explore new topics in the arts and humanities and we are building strong research areas for the future. It is now employing 17 PhD students as part of the strategic work to make research in the arts and humanities in Umeå even stronger. 2 positions are within the subject history of science and ideas.

PhD students are embedded in the Graduate School of Humanities. All PhD students have a fixed annual sum to cover expenses such as conference traveling, data collection, and to attend international summer and winter schools, etc. In addition to thorough research training, the graduate school offers a variety of courses aimed at improving professional, general, and personal skills. The programmes start on September 3, 2012.

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