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Publicerad: 2013-06-10

Advances in Numerical Analysis and Computational Sciences

NYHET The workshop Advances in Numerical Analysis and Computational Scienceswas held at Umeå University, May 15–16, 2013.

The aim of this workshop was to bring together leading representatives of burgeoning areas in numerical analysis and computational sciences
for two days of talks and discussions.

During the workshop, we had the pleasure to listen to eleven invited presentations from prominent international researchers in the field, accompanied by eight excellent contributed talks. These presentations covered a wide range of salient and timely topics,
including linear and non-linear eigenvalue problems, modern finite-element methods, multi-scale modelling, simulation and analysis, studies of stochastic systems and conceptual advances.

Some of the contributions also highlighted applications of numerical analysis in biology and industry. Furthermore, this broad lineup of complementary presentations helped to spark exciting discussions and
to spawn new ideas between the participants (more than fifty).

The meeting was financially supported by eSSENCE – The e-Science Collaboration, UMIT Research Lab, IceLab – The Integrated Science Lab and the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, as well as by Umeå University’s conference fund.
This support is gratefully acknowledged.

For more information visit the workshop's homepage

Redaktör: Mats Johansson