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Publicerad: 21 jun, 2017

Business strategies for the Internet of Things

NYHET Researchers at Umeå University show the multiple ways in which Internet of Things can be incorporated into organizational life.

 Here is the Internet of Things Guide you need.

Internet of Things, IoT, is predicted to transform the whole market and lead to an increase in innovations, gains in productivity and economic growth. In response to this paradigm shift, firms need to form strategies, which make use of the new technical developments and combine them with a new business logic.

By highlighting best practices and showing how firms can apply IoT in different ways while developing new products, services, and business models researchers at Umeå University show the multiple ways in which IoT can be incorporated into organizational life.

The aim is to inspire firms to draw upon the experience of others and learn from the different cases and insights, starting a discussion on key strategic choices, so that they are better prepared when launching their own IoT venture.

Download the Internet of Things Guide.

Picture above: New business opportunities with the Internet of Things. Researchers at Umeå University, Ulrika H Westergren, Tomas Blomquist and Ted Saarikko, presents the IoT Guide.

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