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Publicerad: 2017-09-12

Internship by students from France

NYHET In September 2017, five engineering students from France, Jordan Guittonnea, Tony Frementeau, Louis.Jouan-Senee, Clement.Chevrier and Tom Guilloux had finished a three month academic internship at TFE.

The students are from Polytec Nante and ESTACA Transport Engineering School Laval. During the last three months the students worked individually in some of the ongoing research projects with TFE’s Energy Efficiency group. Some of the student’s work include extensive simulations while others involved data collection and analysis. The students’ worked on the guidance of researchers from energy efficiency group.

As part of the internship the students wrote a short report of their project work. The students had a good time in Umeå and also could take some time off from their studies to visit northern Sweden and Norway.

The students from left to right: Louis Jouan-Senée; Tony Frementeau: Tom Guillox;  Jordan Guittonnea; Clément Chevrier

Redaktör: Gireesh Nair