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Huvudmenyn dold.
Publicerad: 15 jan, 2018

Master’s students showcase prototypes

NYHET On Wednesday 10th of January, the MIT focus area hosted one day event were students from two courses, “Prototyping Interaction” and “Managing as Designing” presented their prototypes and posters.

The day started with student presentations and in the afternoon, the concepts and the ideas presented in the morning were discussed in a plenary session. 

In this showcase day that was conducted in collaboration with Plus Project, the students were asked to design a prototype in relation to smart housing and future buildings. Different aspects and characteristics of such futuristic houses were conceptualized in the prototypes from lighting to redesigning walls, ceilings and floors. The prototypes presented in this showcase day were built with the use of digital manufacture technologies. In this regard, the students of “Managing as Designing” course presented their ideas and thoughts on digital fabrication and additive manufacturing in form of a poster presentation that was illustrated during the day.     

Redaktör: Fanny Routovaara