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Publicerad: 2012-09-06

New issue of Education Inquiry (Volume 3, No.3, September 2012)

NYHET Education Inquiry is an international on-line, peer-reviewed journal in the field of Educational Sciences and Teacher Education. It publishes original empirical and theoretical studies from a wide variety of academic disciplines. Education Inquiry is published by the Umeå School of Education, Umeå University, Sweden and is issued four times per year (March, June, September and December).

Best regards,
Nafsika Alexiadou and Linda Rönnberg (Editors)

This new issue include:

Gunvor Løkken & Thomas Moser: Space and materiality in early childhood pedagogy – introductory notes
Solveig Nordtømme: Place, space and materiality for pedagogy in a kindergarten
Biljana C. Fredriksen: Providing materials and spaces for the negotiation of meaning in explorative play: Teachers’ responsibilities
Anne Lise Nordbø: Mind the gap! Creating a community between teacher-actors and toddler-spectators in a performative event
Astrid Granly & Eva Maagerø: Multimodal texts in kindergarten rooms
Nina Odegard: When matter comes to matter – working pedagogically with junk materials

Anna-Lena Østern: Supervision by an artist creating a poetic universe as a reference in the development of aesthetic approaches to pedagogical supervision
Göran Widding: Keep a-knocking (but you can’t come in): The issue of passing by the gatekeeper and gaining linguistic access to qualitative research fields
Eva Skåreus: Disrupting the picture: Reflections on choices, resistance and consequences in a pre-study
Kristiina Brunila: From risk to resilience. The therapeutic ethos in youth education

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