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Publicerad: 2014-05-07

Open lectures with Isabela and Norman Fairclough

NYHET Norman Fairclough is emeritus Professor of Linguistics at Lancaster University and one of the founders of critical discourse analysis (CDA). The book Language and Power was published in 1989 and since then he has published many articles and books. In 2012, his and Dr Isabela Fairclough's (University of Central Lancashire) book Political Discourse Analysis: A Method for Advanced Students was published.

The lectures are a joint event between the Department of Language Studies and the Postgraduate School within the Educational Sciences. The event will take place on Thursday May 22 in the venue KB3A9, floor 3 in the KBC building.


Critical Discourse Analysis and Analysis of Politics and Policy-Making
Norman Fairclough, Professor Emeritus, Lancaster University, England

This lecture situates a new version of Critical Discourse Analysis that incorporates argumentation theory and analysis into CDA, in relation to the concerns and objectives and earlier history of the approach to CDA that Fairclough has developed since the early 1980s. Some further thoughts, focusing upon the understanding of dialectic as an aspect of or form of argumentation,  on the capacity of our approach to argumentation analysis to improve the contribution of CDA to critical social analysis will also be presented.


Evaluating argumentation in texts. Dialectical profiles for practical arguments and the 'Austerity Now' debate in the UK
Dr Isabela Fairclough (University of Central Lancashire)

This talk will illustrate a new analytical framework by reconstructing the pro-austerity argument in the 2010 Budget Speech and its critical evaluation, as they unfolded in the UK media in 2010, and  will show how normative and explanatory critique can be systematically grounded in the possibilities for testing offered by a "dialectical profile" of critical questions.

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