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Publicerad: 2017-02-23

Renowned professor in the field of food and social change

NYHET Phil Lyon is a prolific researcher on the various relationships that exist between our food and the changing social contexts of retail and consumption. From January 2017, he will be affiliate professor in the Department of Food and Nutrition at Umeå University

With colleagues at the Department of Food and Nutrition, Phil has an established research interest in the interactional difficulties, and adaptive strategies, of people whose special diets mark them out as different at meal times. Phil’s own research interests, and publications, include the advent of food broadcasting and the early days of food journalism; the transition from small food shops to supermarkets; the social meanings associated with farmers’ market shopping; the historical impact of the canned food industry; current and historical discourses on cooking skills.

As a reviewer for several academic journals and an editorial board member for two – the International Journal of Consumer Studies and the South African Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences - Phil is passionate about the encouragement and development of good academic writing.

For a number of years, Phil has participated in teaching and seminars at the Department of Food and Nutrition and Umeå University School of Restaurant and Culinary Arts, and we are therefore very pleased to welcome him as affiliate professor to our department and the university.

Redaktör: Maria Bylund