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Publicerad: 2013-04-24

Thinking Critically about Psychology- Power, Gender, and Psychological Practice

NYHET Warmly welcome to a one-day conference for psychology students and practitioners. Friday, 31st May, 2013. Hörsal E, Humanisthuset (Humanities Building), 8:45 – 17:00.

9.00 What is the critical psychology movement?Eva Magnusson, professor of psychology and gender studies, Umeå University.
Jeanne Marecek, professor emerita of psychology, Swarthmore College.

9.30 Medication in culture, mind and body: drugs and children’s experiences.
Aina Olsvold, PhD, licensed psychologist, University of Oslo.

10.45 Eating problems in a cultural light: Lessons from three life stories.
Johanna Stenberg, MA, psychologist, Umeå University.

11.10 Dividing lines between feminist critique and feminist practice in the narratives of therapists who work with women who have been physically abused.
Julia Narvola & Fanny Skarin, MA, psychologists, Umeå University.


13.30 Critical perspectives on therapeutic culture.
Ole Jacob Madsen, PhD, senior lecturer, University of Oslo.

15.00 Theories of depression: Explanations or justifications?
Stefan Björk, PhD candidate, Umeå University.

15.20 Conflicted disciplinary self-images in Swedish academic Psychology: what can we learn by listening to those who teach us?
Robert Adebahr, MA, psychologist, Umeå University.


Redaktör: Emma Skog