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Publicerad: 2011-11-17

Uppropet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskaper verkar ha gjort susen!

NYHET EU kommissionären för forskning och innovation Máire Geoghegan-Quinn lovar fortsatt utrymme för humaniora och samhällsvetenskaper: ”Let me assure you that future funding at the European level will provide significant space for social sciences and humanities research.”

MOT BAKGRUND av uppropet från Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities, SSH, som pekade på att humaniora och samhällsvetenskaperna riskerade att hamna utanför EU:s ramverk för forskning och innovation, Horizon 2020, så låter alltså EU kommissionären Máire Geoghegan-Quinn det stå tydligt att så inte ska bli fallet. Hennes löften tillkännagavs i samband med ett tal hon höll förra veckan vid British Academy i London.

Máire Geoghegan-Quinn menade bland annat att: ”… I was very impressed by the active involvement of the Social Sciences and Humanities research community. We received many comments, opinions and suggestions that not only demonstrated this community's interest in the future programme but also showed increasing cooperation and alignment among stakeholders.”

”The challenges we face are fundamentally social and human in nature - they are the result of individual and collective human behaviour. They are intrinsically linked to how we behave.
The Social Sciences and Humanities must, therefore, play a central role in understanding and tackling the problems we face. They help us deal with change and since change is constant, the Social Sciences and Humanities will always be an important part of the research landscape.”

”The Social Sciences and Humanities are essential in providing the evidence and analysis needed to put our policymaking on a sound footing.They are also essential because they challenge us to consider whether our assumptions, and accepted knowledge are actually true!And to take a broader, less technocratic view, the social sciences and humanities are essential because they help us understand ourselves and why we do what we do.”
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