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Publicerad: 21 apr, 2015

Whole Earth? – Framtiden för Arktis

NYHET Vid det tredje seminariet under rubriken Whole Earth?, med kopplingar till klimatförändringar och global hälsa, bjuder Utrikespolitiska föreningen in till föreläsningar och diskussion på temat "Future of the Arctic".Måndag 27 april kl. 15–17 i Hörsal G, Humanisthuset.

In the circumpolar Arctic the magnitude and pace of climate change is more rapid than elsewhere on earth. In fact, the Arctic is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe, and is often portrayed as a bellwether of global warming.

Change in the Arctic is also driven by social, economic and political drivers. These drivers too, are changing and are not independent from the globalised world of which the Arctic forms part. These environmental and political drivers, originating both within and outside the Arctic, lead to challenges but also opportunities – challenges and opportunities best dealt with well-prepared.

This panel addresses two factors, often interlinked, where change, while often surprising, is also a constant, namely environmental change as well as military security, on global and planetary scales, involving major countries such as Russia and China, but also smaller locales, such as municipalities in northern Sweden.

"Future of the Arctic" i Umeå universitets kalendarium

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