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Lisa Nyberg



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-, Östra Strandgatan 28B Umeå universitet, Konsthögskolan, 901 87 Umeå

Lisa Nyberg är konstnär, lärare, organisatör och forskare baserad i Malmö. Nyberg doktorerade vid Konstakademin i Wien med projektet "Pedagogies of the Unknown - studying for a future, without guarantees". Hennes post-doc projekt “To Know and Be Known by (a) Place” utgår från plats-specifika konstnärliga praktiker och hur dessa hanterar ideer om ömsesidighet – i och bortom tider av nybyggarkolonialism:

The reciprocal process of getting to know a place, and in turn being known by that place, is at the centre of this research proposal. The consequences of settler colonisation policies by the Swedish state on the Sami population and the settlers are intertwined in my family's history and made tangible at the site that is our heritage – the homestead Mårtensliden. With an emphasis on site-specificity as an artistic research method I will explore the meaning of reciprocity by looking at origin stories and other possibilities of reconnection, using Mårtensliden as a case study. The aim of the project is to document how artistic practices that consider our relationship to site-place-land can support practices of reconnection, in and beyond times of settler colonization.


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Nyberg, Lisa
On Not Knowing: How Artists Teach, Glasgow, UK, June 9-10 2023
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Nyberg, Lisa
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Nyberg, Lisa