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Arcum's strategic funds

According to a decision by Arcum's steering group, the researchers who joined as associated to Arcum are entitled to apply for funds from the strategic resources of the centre. In 2021, the funds are distributed on two occasions, one during the spring term and one during the autumn term. Below you find all the information you need to apply.

Call for 2021 is closed

Last call was between Wednesday November 3, and Tuesday November 23, 2021. New call will open in spring 2022.

Applications should be sent to Anngelica according to the instructions below. Please also contact her if you have any questions or concerns. 

If you have received funding in the past, but have not yet submitted your final report, please contact Anngelica. You cannot receive new funds before the final report from previous funds is published.

Intent and maximum amount

The purpose of the strategic resources is to partly finance activities that are of importance for arctic research. 

  • Scientific Events:
    maximum amount to apply for SEK 20,000
  • Research Trips:
    maximum amount to apply for SEK 10,000
  • Invitation visiting researchers:
    maximum amount to apply for SEK 10,000
  • Publication costs:
    maximum amount to apply for SEK 5,000

The amount covers any overhead costs.


PhD-students and younger researchers who defended their thesis within the last five years are given a certain priority when allocating funds, and Arcum also strives for an even distribution of gender. Those who have not previously recieved funding have priority. Participation in Arcum's seminars and activities are included in the assessment.


Arcum shall be given the highest possible visibility in the activities; for example mentioned in publications and seen in workshops context.

Compulsory parts of the application are to describe the contribution and its significance, including arctic relevance; to report the costs of the activity and how the contribution from Arcum should be used; and specify time frames.

Approved applications must submit a final report (a popular science text) to Arcum enclosed with any publications or other relevant material. The final report will be presented in both Swedish and English on the web, in collaboration with Anngelica. If you have previously been granted strategic funding, and have yet to submit your final report on the previous activity, you cannot be granted additional strategic funding until you have submitted your final report.

Applications can only be approved if the applicant is currently employed at Umeå University.


Fill in the form below and send it to Anngelica Kristoferqvist by e-mail or regular mail.


att: Anngelica
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

Subject/ mark the envelope with: Ansökan: Arcum strategiska medel

  1. Name:
  2. Female or male:
  3. Department:
  4. Position:
  5. Have you completed a PhD within the last five years, please indicate when:
  6. Activity description:
  7. Type of activity: (choose between Event, Travel, Invitation or Publication)
  8. What is the relevance/connection of the activity to the Arctic:
  9. Applying for (SEK):
  10. Total budget (SEK):
  11. Date of activity:
  12. Have you been granted Arcum funding before, and if so, how much and when:
  13. Have you completed reporting on such previously funded activities?

Approved applications must submit a final report (a popular scientific text that can be used on the web and in newsletters) to Arcum and attach any publications or other relevant material.


After you have received an approved decision on your application, you will receive information from our economist Emma on how to proceed with the requisition.

You will be able to make one withdrawal for your activity. If you want to requisition partial amounts, you must indicate in your application the dates on which the various activities will take place.

Funds that have not been spent must be returned to Arcum.


During the pandemic, several activities have been cancelled or changed. Because of this, a possibility to defer the funds for up to two years is offered. However, the basic rule is that the funds must be used within the timeframe/by the date, specified in the application. If you need a decision for a waiver, please contact Anngelica.


For questions about requisitioning

Emma Strömqvist
Administrator, financial administrator

Report on activity

To report your funded activity, please answer the items below and send to Anngelica.

Subject: Rapport: Arcum strategiska medel

  1. Name:
  2. Department:
  3. Position:
  4. Type of activity: (choose between Event, Travel, Invitation or Publication)
  5. Date of activity:
  6. Report of the activity (popular science text):
  7. How does it matter for the Arctic:
  8. How was Arcum made visible:


Attach any publications and other relevant material.

Photographs are appreciated, but please remember that the photographer must be named, and give permission to us to save and use the photo on our website. Students and external persons who are clearly depicted in photographs must be named and have given their consent.