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Information regarding the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is an act of violence and a humanitarian catastrophe. The University is closely monitoring the course of events. On this page you will find information about the university's measures, relevant research and experts in the area.

Latest news

SEK 5 million to support Ukrainian researchers
Published: 13 Apr, 2022

Umeå University is earmarking SEK five million on welcoming Ukrainian researchers fleeing the war.

Collaboration agreements with state institutions in Russia and Belarus are suspended immediately
Published: 08 Mar, 2022

At the request of the government, a handful of collaborations were immediately halted at Umeå University.

Government urge to universities: Cease contacts and collaborations with Russia and Belarus
Published: 02 Mar, 2022

Higher education institutions calls to freeze cooperation with state institutions in Russia and Belarus.

Umeå University hoists Ukrainian flag and supports students
Published: 28 Feb, 2022

Umeå University is doing the utmost to support Ukranian students and staff who are currently in Umeå.

Are you a student in Ukraine with questions about transferring to Umeå University?

Umeå University does not have specific regulations for applicants from Ukraine at the moment, and follows the regular application process. Look through our information New in Sweden or contact Infocenter.

Support for students and employees

The university has various support functions to, for example, offer professional counselling. The Student Health Service prioritises students who come from areas affected by the war.

Support for students

Support for employees

Press information

Expert list: War in Ukraine

Experts in several different areas that may be relevant in reporting and monitoring the war in Ukraine.

Press and media

Contact details, press releases, press images and more.

Information from the Swedish authorities

Emergency information is available at where you will find gathered information and links from Swedish authorities about what they know at the present time and how you can handle your concerns.

Scholars at Risk

Umeå University has been a member of Scholars at Risk (SAR) since 2016. SAR is an international network working to safe-guard academic freedom and provide protection for at-risk researchers. Over 500 universities are members of Scholars at Risk. In Sweden, 21 Swedish higher education institutions are members of the network.
Read about SAR in solidarity with Ukraine