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Doctoral courses earlier semesters

Here you can find information about doctoral courses given by the department of mathematics and mathematical statistics earlier semesters.


Partial differential equations - Åke Brännström
Advanced algebra - Gerold Jäger
Mathematical Biology - Åke Brännström
Study circle on the book "Theoretical Foundations of Functional Data Analysis, with an introduction to Linear Operators" by Hsing and Eubank - Sara Sjöstedt de Luna
Short course on how to do/give a poster presentation - David Cohen


Random geometric graphs - Amites Sarkar & Victor Falgas Ravry
Integration theory - Per Åhag
Wavelet methods in statistics and signal processing


Numerical methods for SDE - David Cohen & Michael Tretyakov
Classical random graphs - Klas Markström
Large networks and general random graphs - Victor Falgas-Ravry
Functional analysis - Klas Markström
Combinatorial number theory - Victor Falgas-Ravry
Advanced statistical modeling - Natalya Pya
Compressive Sensing - Zhiyong Zhou & Jun Yu
Statistical learning with sparsity - Zhiyong Zhou & Jun Yu
Big data and analysis of high dimensional data - Patrik Rydén


Real analysis - Per Åhag
Discret modeling - Gerold Jäger
Analysis on manifolds - Per Åhag
Graph theory - Roland Häggkvist
Asymptotics - Klas Markström
Statistics for spatio-temporal data - Ottmar Cronie & Sara Sjöstedt-de Luna
Advanced probability theory - Jun Yu