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Doctoral students

At the Department of Nursing, there are quite a few doctoral students who are focused on different subjects within the area of nursing care. The doctoral students who are registered within the Department at the moment are listed below. There is also a brief description of the subject for the thesis. If you wish to get in touch with any of these students, just click on the name which is linked to their respective e-mail addresses.

Bäckman, Håkan

Håkan Bäckman

Exploring residents´ health and quality of life in nursing homes
          - Experiences, longitudinal trends and the significance of leadership, person-centred care and staff work situation

Supervisors: Annica Backman, Marie Lindqvist, Johan Niklasson

Degerman, Marianne

Marianne Degerman

Laser Photobiomodulation in addition to traditional dressing of hard-to-heal ulcers in frail elderly with municipality home healthcare.

Supervisors: Åsa Audulv, Bo Christer Bertilsson

Derblom, Katharina

Katharina Derblom

Caring for persons with mental ill-health in general emergency departments towards a recovery oriented and reflective practice

Supervisors: Britt-Marie Lindgren, Jenny Molin, Sebastian Gabrielsson

Fjällström, Petter

Petter Fjällström

The diffusion of cancer patient pathways: Its influence on primary care´s organization and personnel as well as access to cancer care

Supervisors: Senada Hajdarevic, Anna-Britt Coe, Mikael Lilja

Giannakopoulou, Aikaterini

Aikaterini Giannakopoulou

The impact of a mHealth intervention project on school absenteeism in adolescents with recurrent pain: A person-centered care approach in a school context

Supervisors: Britt-Marie Lindgren, Susanne Ragnarsson, Helena Antonsson

Glans, Anton

Anton Glans

Safe and sound. Addressing static magnetic field-, switched gradient field-, and acoustic noise exposure in MRI

Supervisors: Lenita Lindgren, Jonna Wilén

Glantz, Andreas

Andreas Glantz

The adoption and use of Time Together in a psychiatric inpatient context

Supervisors: Jenny Molin, Anna Westerlund, Ingeborg Nilsson

Holstad, Ylva

Ylva Holstad

Living with congenital heart disease - Impact on pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Supervisors: Annika Bay, Bengt Johansson, Maria Lindqvist

Kallerhult-Hermansson, Stina

Stina Kallerhult-Hermansson

Can improved support from mentors contribute to a more sustainable working life for newly qualified nurses? A supportive mentorship program

Supervisors: Karin Bölenius, Fredrik Norström, Yvonne Hilli

Larsson, Mattias

Mattias Larsson

Non-Conveyance in Ambulance Services- Support for patients and professionals

Supervisors: Veronica Lindström, Jonas Alex, Anu Venesoja

Lindgren, Louise

Louise Lindgren

Hyperemesis gravidarum-Women’s, partners’ and health care professionals’ perspectives, risk factors and pregnancy outcome

Supervisors: Maria Lindqvist, Sophia Holmlund, Malin Linder Nording, Marie-Therese Vinnars

Lundberg, Anna

Anna Lundberg

To be a public health nurse in remote areas - with focus on clinical decision making

Supervisors: Erika Boman, Britt-Inger Saveman, Lina Gyllencreutz

Lundsten, Sara

Sara Lundsten

Development and evaluation of a digital automated patient scheduling system at the Post Anesthesia Care Unit

Supervisors: Lenita Lindgren, Patrik Rydén, Linda Richter Sundberg

Marklund, Sonja

Sonja Marklund

How are you getting on? The need for support while waiting for follow-up when being primarily curatively treated for cancer

Supervisors: Senada Hajdarevic, Per Fransson, Ulf Isaksson, Rebecca Baxter

Morian, Hanna

Hanna Morian

Teamwork via telemedicine - leadership, communication and collaboration in acute care teams in rural areas

Supervisors: Maria Härgestam, Magnus Hultin, Johan Creutzfeldt

Nyberg, Anette

Anette Nyberg

Operating room nurses’ perspectives of safety in perioperative care of patient undergoing arthroplasty

Supervisors: Birgitta Olofsson, Volker Otten, Ann-Mari Fagerdahl, Michael Haney

Olofsson, Erika

Erika Olofsson

Hip- factures- clinical outcome and experiences of rehabilitation

Supervisors: Birgitta Olofsson, Sebastian Mukka, Eva Tengman

Olsson, Ingrid

Ingrid Olsson

Healthy aging with long-term health conditions: Measuring and describing self-management needs among older adults in the context of later transitions

Supervisors: Åsa Audulv, Ulf Isaksson, Sabine Björk

Olsson, Sara

Sara Olsson

DIGEST - Digital support for good illness integration, self-management and transition from child- to adult hospital clinic among young people with type 1 diabetes and their families

Supervisors: Åsa Hörnsten, Julia Otten, Madeleine Blusi


Privosnik, Liza

Liza Privosnik

Exploring the health, well-being and experiences of older people in different living environments in Sweden 

Supervisors: Anders Sköldunger, Rebecca Baxter, Laura Corneliusson, Hugo Lövheim

Rönnberg, Linda

Linda Rönnberg

Registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologists’ clinical judgment practices and experiences of the extubation of patients in the anesthesia setting.

Supervisors: Maria Härgestam, Ulrica Nilsson, Emma Brulin

Sandén, Johanna

Johanna Sandén

The MIDCON study: Exploring the pathways to models of midwifery continuity of care in Sweden

Supervisors: Sophia Holmlund, Maria Lindqvist, Ingegerd Hildningsson, Michelle Newton

Sandsten, Anna

Anna Sandsten

General psychiatric inpatient care for persons with Anorexia Nervosa- with focus on person-centered care, gender and power

Supervisors: Britt-Marie Lindgren, Sebastian Gabrielsson, Maria Strömbäck, Git-Marie Ejneborn Looi

Schulz, Fredrik

Fredrik Schulz

Training and preparing medical first responders for future mass casualty incidents utilising a Mixed Reality approach

Supervisors: Lina Gyllencreutz, Britt-Inger Saveman, Magnus Hultin

Stenlund, Anna-Lena

Anna-Lena Stenlund

Communication of cardiovascular risk in type 2 diabetes

Supervisors: Lena Jutterström, Karin Hellström Ängerud, Mikael Lilja

Tjernström, Katharina

Katharina Tjernström

Hidden suffering? Exploring women´s health, quality of life and work ability as well as sexual functioning and body image 18 months to five years after sustaining an obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASIS) at childbirth

Supervisors: Margareta Persson, Inger Lundberg, Maria Wiklund

Voullet Carlsson, Katja

Katja Voullet Carlsson

Patients' and Contact nurses’ experiences and perspectives related to structured needs assessments in cancer care.

Supervisors: Per Fransson, Lena Sharp, Lena Kroik, Senada Hajdarevic

Latest update: 2024-07-01