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Doctoral students

At the Department of Nursing, there are quite a few doctoral students who are focused on different subjects within the area of nursing care. The doctoral students who are registered within the Department at the moment are listed below. There is also a brief description of the subject for the thesis. If you wish to get in touch with any of these students, just click on the name which is linked to their respective e-mail addresses.

Asplund, Sofia

Sofia Asplund

Health among municipal employees – a web-based intervention focusing people in risk of stress-related illness in sparsely populated areas in northern Sweden
Supervisors: Eva Ericson-Lidman, Johan Åhlin och Mattias Hedlund

Baxter, Rebecca

Rebecca Baxter

The Swedish National Inventory of Care and Health in Residential Aged Care
Supervisors: David Edvardsson, Anders Sköldunger, Hugo Lövheim

Bay, Annika

Annika Bay

Being physically active as an adult with congenital heart disease
Supervisors: Bengt Johansson, Kristina Lämås och Malin Berghammer

Byenfeldt, Marie

Marie Byenfeldt

Ultraljuds-baserad shear wave elastografi-en non-invasiv metod för gradering av leverfibros
Supervisors: Per Fransson, Anders Elvin

Corneliusson, Laura

Laura Corneliusson

Quality of Life, Thriving and Self-rated Health of Residents Living in Sheltered Housing for Older People in Sweden
Supervisors: David Edvardsson, Karin Sjögren, Anders Sköldunger

Hultstrand Ahlin, Cecilia

Cecilia Hultstrand Ahlin

Primary care encounters and patient´s access to Standardized cancer patient pathways – an exploration of how presentation of bodily sensation,interaction and socioeconomic positions influence access to cancer care
Supervisors: Senada Hajdarevic, Anna-Britta Coe och Mikael Lilja

Jonsson, Karin

Karin Jonsson

The development of communication, leadership and situation awareness in interprofessional teams during acute care
Supervisors: Magnus Hultin, Christine Brulin och Maria Härgestam

Kroik, Lena

Lena Kroik

Sami and end-of-life care - knowledge about traditions to develop care
Supervisors: Anette Edin-Liljegren, Carol Tishelman och Krister Stoor

Lundberg, Anna

Anna Lundberg

To be a public health nurse in remote areas - with focus on clinical decision making
Supervisors: Erika Boman, Britt-Inger Saveman, Lina Gyllencreutz

Ndile, Menti

Menti Ndile

Effectiveness and challenges of implementing trauma first aid training program for improving knowledge and practice of police officers of initial post crash care in urban tanzania
Supervisors: Susann Backteman Erlandsson, Britt-Inger Saveman, Anne Outwater

Pusa, Susanna

Susanna Pusa

Health-promoting support from nurses to families in their homes
Supervisors: Karin Sundin, Stig Karlsson och Christen Erlingsson

Sjöström, Anna

Anna Sjöström

Exploring perceptions and use of eHealth literacy to improve self-management among Swedish people with Type 2 diabetes
Supervisors: Ulf Isaksson, Senada Hajdarevic, Åsa Hörnsten

Ullgren, Helena

Helena Ullgren

The "puzzle" of cancer care – How do advancements in cancer treatment and organizational changes impact health care consumption and intensity of cancer treatment?
Supervisors: Per Fransson, Lena Sharp och Roger Henriksson

Unneby, Anna

Anna Unneby

Enhanced care and pain treatment for patients suffering femoral neck fracture
Supervisors: Birgitta Olofsson, Britt-Marie Lindgren och Ulriga Bergström

Westergren, Agneta

Agneta Westergren

The epidural culture
Supervisors: Monica Christiansson, Kerstin Edin och Denis Walsh

Öberg, Ulrika

Ulrika Öberg

Use of interactive eHealth support in the care of people with type 2 diabetes in primary health care
Supervisors: Åsa Hörnsten, Carl-Johan Orre och Christina Harrefors