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Information for students, faculty and staff regarding COVID-19. (Updated: 6 May 2021)


Artistic practice, B

  • Number of credits 21 Credits

About the course

The course is a deepening of the course Artistic practice, A from the first term and is based on the student's individual artistic
work, the presentation of it and the choices governing this process. In the latter part of the course an exhibition is planned (individually or in a small group) of the student's own artistic work in the following term, as a part of the preparations for the degree project.
Under supervision the students receive continued support for developing and realising their own investigative artistic works

Application and eligibility

This course contains occasions that are included in a degree programme at Umeå university and applies only to those of you who are admitted to the programme. You will recieve information about application times and what applies to you from your institution.

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