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Basic and Molecular Genetics

  • Number of credits 15 Credits

About the course

The course consists of three modules:
Module 1. Theory, 7.5 ECTS. 
The module deals with the structure, function and organization of genetic material in eukaryotes as well as differences compared to prokaryotes. Methods for determining the relative positions of genes in the genome are explained and different patterns of inheritance of hereditary characteristics are described. The module focusses on transmission genetics, gene and genome structure, stability and variability, molecular methods, bioinformatics, genetic model systems, genetic control of life processes and factors and processes affecting the genetic composition in a population.

Module 2. Laborations, 6.5 ECTS. 
The module will provide training in genetic and molecular genetic work methodology. 

Module 3. Practical Professional Training (PPT) - Working life and career, 1 ECTS. 
The module will address both marketing and ethical consequences of genetical applications.

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