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Biochemistry - Protein Chemistry and Enzyme Kinetics

  • Number of credits 15 credits

About the course

The main aim of the study course is to give the student knowledge of the structure and function of proteins. This involves a thorough understanding of how amino acids are connected and forms a defined structural domain with specific properties as well as to understand how this structure is stabilized. The course also aims to give the basic theory modern protein separation methods and to give necessary knowledge in experimental protein chemistry in order to analyze structural and functional properties of proteins. The practical part of the course include, beside practical skill, practice in independent and strategic planning of the experimental work as well as to interpret and present obtained results orally and in writing.

The course will be given in english if foreign students participate.

Application and eligibility

This course contains occasions that are included in a degree programme at Umeå university and applies only to those of you who are admitted to the programme. You will receive information about application times and what applies to you from your institution.

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Course is given by
Department of chemistry
Contactperson for the course is:
Johanna Nilsson