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Financial Management

  • Number of credits 30 credits

About the course

This finance course is intended for students who want to increase their familiarity with the practical applications of financial management. The four modules provide students with an opportunity to acquire a high level of expertise in central areas of financial management of firms, covering topics such as firm valuation, financing, investments, as well as risk management. While each of the modules cover different aspects of the financial management of companies, module 1-3 constitute the basis for the understanding of the fourth module.
The course is given and examined in English.

Module 1. Advanced Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation, 7,5 credits
Module 2. Advanced Corporate Finance, 7.5 credits
Module 3. Investments, 7.5 credits
Module 4. Risk Management, 7.5 credits


Application and eligibility

This course contains occasions that are included in a degree programme at Umeå university and applies only to those of you who are admitted to the programme. You will recieve information about application times and what applies to you from your institution.

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