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Geographies of Tourism and Sustainable Development

  • Number of credits 15 credits

About the course

This course gives an overview of several key research areas within social and economic geography and analyzes them from a tourism geographic perspective. It discusses tourism geographies and its position within geographic research as well as the contributions of tourism geographies to research on sustainable development. In order to achieve that it is important to position the study of tourism as an integral part of geography and to critically address and problematize how tourism and sustainable development are integrated in research on mobility and local and regional development in rural as well as in urban areas. Emphasis will be on tourism as an economic activity and debates around current issues in tourism research are critically addressed and problematized. The course also provides an opportunity for subject-specific preparation for the master thesis.

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Application and eligibility

This course contains occasions that are included in a degree programme at Umeå university and applies only to those of you who are admitted to the programme. You will recieve information about application times and what applies to you from your institution.

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Course is given by
Department of Geography
Contactperson for the course is:
Linda Lundmark