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Transformations of Judaism in Modernity

  • Number of credits 15 credits
  • Level Bachelor's level
  • Study form Web-based (online)
  • Starting Autumn Term 2022

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About the course

This course deepens students' specialized knowledge in the history of Judaism and Jewish/non-Jewish relations, with a special emphasis on contestation and religious change in the modern era. It specifically attends to issues of Jewish representation and self-presentation as drivers of religious change, and equips students to consider the representational framework as potentially applicable to other religious communities. The course consists of three modules of 5 credits each. 

Modul 1: Emancipation and Religious Change in the 19th Century (5 credits) 
This part traces the impact that the debate over Jewish Emancipation, citizenship, and integration on the formation of forms of modern Jewish thought such as Reform, Orthodoxy, and early Zionism. 

Modul 2: Antisemitism and the Holocaust (5 credits) 
This part focusses specifically on antisemitism and the Holocaust as factors external to Judaism which prompted significant changes to Jewish religious self-understanding. It will particularly engage with current scholarly debates on the question of Holocaust uniqueness, discussing both lines of continuity from Emancipation debates as well as distinctive features of the antisemitism of the 1930's. 

Modul 3: Representation and Religious Change in the 20th Century (5 credits) 
This part traces developments in Judaism in the 20th century including both external factors (post-Holocaust dialogue, the state of Israel, feminism, postcolonialism) and Jewish communal, cultural, and religious responses to these. It focusses particularly on the role of public representations of Judaism in religious debate and the creation of new forms of Jewish understanding and expression.

Application and eligibility

Transformations of Judaism in Modernity, 15 credits

Det finns inga tidigare terminer för kursen Autumn Term 2022 Det finns inga senare terminer för kursen


29 August 2022


15 January 2023

Study location




Type of studies

Mixed, 50%, Distance

Number of mandatory meetings


Outline for distance course

3 meetings online

Required Knowledge

The course requires university or college studies in theology and / or religious studies comprising 60 credits with a passed result of at least 45 credits, of which at least 7.5 consists of the elements Religion and Society, History of Religion, Judaism or equivalent. Entry requirements


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Application deadline was 19 April 2022. Please note: This second application round is intended only for EU/EEA/Swiss citizens. Submit a late application at

Application and tuition fees

As a citizen of a country outside the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you are required to pay application and tuition fees for studies at Umeå University.

Application fee

SEK 900

Tuition fee, first instalment

SEK 23,250

Total fee

SEK 23,250

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