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Ultrasound and Diagnostics in Clinical Neurophysiology

  • Number of credits 22.5 credits

About the course

The course consists of three modules:

Module 1: Ultrasound vessels 7.5 Credits
The module consists of theoretical background of peripheral circulation examination methods. The module includes ultrasound technique on for non-invasive studies of arterial and venous insufficiencies as well as venous thrombosis.

Module 2: Ultrasound of the heart 7.5 Credits
The module contains ultrasound methodology including transthoracic and transoesophageal cardiac echocardiography, as well as stress-echocardiography.

Module 3: Diagnostics in Neurophysiology 7.5 Credits
The module consists of neurophysiological methodology with theoretical background including among others; EEG (routine/sleep/monitor), assessment of peripheral nerve function with ENeG and recording of the electrical activity in the muscles (EMG). Methods for examining central sensory- (SEP), and motor (MEP pathways, as well as temperature sensory testing are included.

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Contactperson for the course is:
Victoria Heldestad