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Master's Programme in Architecture and Urban Design

Before you begin the enrolment and registration process, there are some important things you need to do before classes begin. We have listed here what needs to be done and when. If you cannot find the answers to your questions, please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and we will respond promptly. We wish you a warm welcome and hope that you will enjoy your period of studies here in Umeå.

How to start

  • 1. Your offer

    You have been admitted. If you want to keep your place (seat), you do not have to reply to your offer.

    If you do not want to keep your place you should decline your offer by logging in to 'My pages' on, and follow the instructions. You should click "I wish to decline this offer" next to the course or programme you want to decline.

    If you see "Reserve" next to your course or programme in the Notification of selection results, this means that you've been placed on a waiting list for that course/programme.

    Support for students with disabilities

    If you are in need of special support due to disability, you should apply for that in good time before you start your studies. Find more information about support for studying with disabilities.

  • 2. Register on the programme

    You need to be registered for the courses in the study documentation system to be able to follow the courses and to get your results recorded during the course. Online registration is open between August 23 and August 30. If you do not register by August 30 at the latest, you risk losing your place (seat) at the programme.

    To be able to sign in at the student website and register online, you need to have activated your Umu-id account.

    I want to activate my Umu-id

    Course registration at the student website

    I have an activated Umu-id and forgot my password


  • 3. Programme start


    Time: 11:00 AM

    Location: Zoom/ Online

    The academic year at Umeå School of Architecture starts off with an introduction meeting. We will send out more information and a link to the meeting in a separate email in good time before the start of the semester. Check your email regularly the weeks before the semester starts. 

    The semester at Umeå School of Architecture starts with a two-week long workshop (Vertical Workshop, read more below) where you will investigate an area in Umeå. The workshop will take place outside in smaller group and online. It will be planned in a safe way were we will follow the restrictions and guidelines that applies at the time of the workshop.

    As a student you are expected to be in Umeå when the semester starts and during the semester.

    Please note that this may be changed if the situation or recommendation changes, we will then keep you updated through email.

    A schedule for the first weeks of the term will be published on our website four weeks before the start of the semester.

    Are you unable to attend?
    If you are unable to attend the introduction meeting, please notify us by sending an e-mail to


About the programme

  • Vertical Workshop

    The term starts off with a joint workshop for all students and teachers at the School of Architecture. You will work in teams together with other students. Each year we explore a current issue relating to aspects of sustainability and the local context. 

    Due to the current situation the workshop will most likely be held partly online (due to covid-19, for more information see below). To be able to follow the workshop you need to have access to a computer and internet. The workshop requires that you are present in Umeå. 

    The workshop is an important part of the school's collaboration with other institutions and the surrounding community. It is also a good opportunity for new students to get to know the school and the city. This year's theme, groups and assignment will be presented on the first day of the term.


  • Programme information

    For updated information about the programme, please visit our website:

    Umeå School of Architecture

    We want to welcome new incoming students at Umeå School of Architecture to an information meeting as part of the Orientation. 

    The meeting will take place online on Thursday August 26 at 11:00 AM, the week before the semester starts, and aims to give you information ahead of the semester about studying in Umeå, the programme structure at Umeå School of Architecture, questions about registration, and more. 

    You will receive more information about this meeting as we get closer.

  • Welcome to Umeå School of Architecture

    We are pleased that you have decided to study at Umeå School of Architecture (UMA). We hope that you will find that you have made the right choice to gain skills for your future life!

    Umeå School of Architecture is a department of The Faculty for Science and Technology at Umeå University established in 2009. Since 2010 the school is located in its own building at Umeå Arts Campus with Umeå School of Design, Umeå Academy of Fine Arts and the museum for contemporary art Bildmuseet as closest neighbours. 

    For Umeå School of Architecture, holistic, interdisciplinary and experimental approaches are perceived decisive to address the contemporary global challenges and possibilities of Architecture such as climate change, rising inequalities, environmental devastation, different geographical living conditions and migration. The lack of institutional history brings an open, curious and sensitive atmosphere that tends to amplify such approaches. Likewise, the situating of Umeå School of Architecture in the local- and regional context of Umeå and Northern Sweden is, together with the school's International profile a dynamic vantage point to address global or structural issues while working firmly to engage with and learn from affected communities.

    Umeå School of Architecture has around 30 employees with an academic and professional background in almost as many different contexts and approximately 250-300 students from all over the world. UMA provides education in the form of a
    five-year Architecture programme, a two-year Master's Programme in Architecture and Urban Design as well as periodical Single-subject Courses.  


New at Umeå University

  • Checklist for admitted students

    Follow this simple list of things to complete your enrolment at Umeå University. It includes: how to secure housing, getting a residence permit (for citizens from outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland), tuition payment (if applicable), travel directions and more.

    To the checklist for admitted Students

  • The Student web

    The website for current students has all sorts of information about services, support, legal and practical matters at Umeå University. You can sign in to the learning platforms, see your schedule and course overview, register for a course, get a study certificate, apply for a degree or sign up for an examination.

    Student life begins here

  • Recommended arrival times

    International students are recommended to arrive at least a few days before the start of the regular semester, preferably prior to the Orientation. If you fail to arrive on time, you have to contact the study counselor as soon as possible, but no later than one week ahead of the course start, or you may not be able to register for the programme or course.

    If you will have student housing through the Housing Office at Umeå University you will receive information about your arrival in your offer of housing.

    Don't forget - Umeå has cold winters, so pack accordingly with a warm jacket, warm shoes, gloves and hat.

  • Orientation

    Moving to a new country with an unfamiliar language, culture and customs can be a challenge. We would like to help you and ease that challenge so that you can focus on your studies. Therefore, we would like to offer you the possibility to take part in our Orientation, which begins a few days before the start of the semester (Autumn) or the same day as the semester starts (Spring).

    More about the Orientation this semester.

  • Activate your user account

    As a new student, you need to activate your user account approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester in order to, for instance:

    • access the internet in computer labs and the university's wireless network
    • register for courses
    • submit assignments and verify your study results
    • access your student e-mail

    If you are a new student, you will automatically receive a user account when you are admitted, but you will need to activate it for it to function properly. You will not be able to activate it until approximately two weeks prior to the start of the semester.

    I want to learn more about my user account (Umu-id)

    For exchange students
    If you are an exchange student, you will receive an email with instructions on how to activate your account.

    Help! It's not working
    If you are having problems activating your account or logging in, please contact our Servicedesk. You will find answers to common questions, and can submit enquiries.

  • Get your UmU card

    When you are on Campus Umeå, Umeå Arts Campus or Campus Örnsköldsvik, you will need a UmU card. The card has the following functions:

    • building access
    • borrowing card for the University Library system
    • copying and printing card.

    To get the card, you need to apply for it. Here’s how to apply for the UmU card.

  • Join a student union

    There are three student unions at Umeå University:

    • Umeå Student Union
    • Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology
    • Umeå Medical and Health Sciences Student Union.

    They are actively involved so that fellow students have a high quality of education, good working environment, and fun leisure time.

    Become a member of a student union!

  • Access to Microsoft Office 365

    Students at Umeå University have free access to the programmes of Microsoft Office 365. This means that you have access to Teams, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Whiteboard Forms, your student email and other services which can facilitate your studies and your collaboration with other students. To access Office 365 you need to activate your UmU-id. 

    Learn more about Office 365 and how to install it on your computer


  • Information due to COVID-19

    Since 1 April 2022, COVID-19 is no longer classified as a threat to public health and a danger to society in Sweden. From Autumn semester 2022, no COVID-related measures will be in place at Umeå University.

    Anyone who is ill or has symptoms that could be COVID-19 must still stay at home from work and studies. Unvaccinated individuals have a personal responsibility to maintain distance to others and avoid places that are crowded.

    COVID-19 and the latest news for new students


Contact us

Please be aware that the University is a public authority and that what you write here can be included in an official document. Therefore, be careful if you are writing about sensitive or personal matters in this contact form. If you have such an enquiry, please call us instead. All data will be treated in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.