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Arctic Week

Time Tuesday 28 November until Friday 1 December, 2023 at 09:00 - 17:00
Place Umeå

In the last week of November, various actors at Umeå University are hosting four events with a focus on the Arctic and/or North. All events are hosted in Umeå.

Elsa Laula Symposium 2023

28 November

This year, Várdduo's Elsa Laula symposium will focus on communication of, and discussion about, the research results from the project "Skada skedd".
Read more about the symposium (Swedish)

Organizer: Várdduo – Centre for Sámi research

Arctic Forum 2023: Our Place, Our Future

29 November
This year, the theme for Arctic Forum is "Our Place, Our Future", and it will be based on the exhibition “Down North” at Bildmuseet. The exhibition will work as a space for a walk-and-talk dialogue, where participants will be guided through the exhibition, while discussing topics arisen from the surrounding art.
Read more about the forum

Organizer: Arctic Centre at Umeå University

Perspectives – Seminar and Conference

A two-day event where day one consists of an academic seminar in English, and day two is a conference in Swedish.

30 November
Academic seminar: Perspectives – The Land of the Future?
"Rapid Industrialisation for a Societal Transformation in peripheral Regions – Opportunities and Impacts"
Read more about the seminar

1 December
Conference: Perspectives – "Samhällsomvandling i norr"
In this event, which is open to anyone interested, we gather researchers and representatives for industry, authorities, public sector and civil society with interest in sharing perspetives and work out solutions for the North and other regions.
Read more about the conference (Swedish)

Organizers: Communications Office and University Management

Event type: Symposium