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Hackathon – should and could AI grade students?

Time Wednesday 19 January, 2022 at 08:00 - 18:00
Place Humlab

Would you leave a robot deciding whether you get your diploma?
Will you build it or outsmart it?
Would you like it, or would you hate it?
What will it bring? What will it take? 
How should it be ruled? What ethical issues does it bring?

Now is the time for you to raise your voice! Be part of the event!

Welcome to participate in the AutogrAIde hackathon. In this hackathon, you will get to discuss in small groups and in a friendly atmosphere whether and how we should use AI for grading: technically, legally, morally and socially.

Everyone is invited: computing scientists, philosophers, pedagogists, lawyers, designers, social scientists, even a group of non-students: all voices matter!

Want to be part of the event? Places are limited, pre-register there to be sure to get a spot! Registration deadline: 1st of January

Time: 19th January, 08:00-18:00, free lunch included
Place: humlab and department of philosophy

Goodies for all participants and prizes for the best contributions

Event type: Other
Loïs Vanhée
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