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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

We teach and conduct research in the fields of language, religion, history, archaeology, philosophy, history of ideas, art, literature, ethnology, media and culture.


Read more about the research conducted at departments and units and about research infrastructures.


The Faculty offers 13 undergraduate and 5 master's programmes and a wide selection of freestanding courses.


Five questions to Lena Maria Nilsson about the Nunamed conference

At the turn of the month, Arctic health researchers are gathering in Nuuk, Greenland.

Green Arctic Building

Visit of project partner from Green Artic Building (GrAB) toTFE in September.

18 October: Distinguished Guest Seminar Series: Edward Egelman

Professor Edward Egelman lectures on powerful methods developed in Cryo-EM of biological complexes.

Ukrainian students can apply for grants

Ukrainian students with a permit according to the Temporary Protection Directive can apply for grants.

Bottom vegetation being monitored annually

This year UMF takes on a new monitoring assignment in the Gulf of Bothnia.

Design evolution through the martial art of Capoeira

Nicholas Torretta draws inspiration from Capoeira to shine a light on power structures in design thinking.