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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

We teach and conduct research in the fields of language, religion, history, archaeology, philosophy, history of ideas, art, literature, ethnology, media and culture.


Read more about the research conducted at departments and units and about research infrastructures.


The Faculty offers 13 undergraduate and 5 master's programmes and a wide selection of freestanding courses.


MIMS Spotlight Series: Nora meets Björn Schröder

Björn Schröder is group leader at MIMS and researches the interaction between diet and gut microbiota.

The SNS Economic Policy Council 2022: Introduce a rating system in public procurement similar to systems used for taxi and hotel services

New SNS report on Public Procurement written by, among others, Sofia Lundberg, Professor of Economics.

Data science can contribute to a more sustainable world

Dong Wang has explored how data science can be used to gain better environmental process control strategies.

More online teaching and increased distance in halls

Umeå University is increasing its use of online teaching to decrease physical gatherings.

Call: Ageing populations in Sweden and India

The call aims to promote joint research between India and Sweden and increase knowledge about ageing.

Quality of health care requires higher quality in clinical laboratories

Laboratory services are key factors in the delivery of quality care, shows a doctoral thesis.