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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

We teach and conduct research in the fields of language, religion, history, archaeology, philosophy, history of ideas, art, literature, ethnology, media and culture.


Read more about the research conducted at departments and units and about research infrastructures.


The Faculty offers 13 undergraduate and 5 master's programmes and a wide selection of freestanding courses.


The European CBRNE center joins Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network

The European CBRNE-center has been invited to join The Counter Terrorism Preparedness Network.

Right light on the mother’s belly may be important to the foetus

A possible link between exposure to light during pregnancy and foetal brain development has been discovered.

Welcome to SEE Sustainability Week 2021

Sustainability Week wants to let you feel, talk, taste and network for a whole week or just a short while

Teaching assistants help in education

The Faculty of Science and Technology employs teaching assistants at more departments than before.

Many university COVID measures disappear from October

Umeå University removes most of its COVID measures from 30 September as national restrictions are lifted.

New method enables 3D microscopy of human organs

Specific cell types in human organs can be studied with micrometer precision thanks to a new method.