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Image: Malin Grönborg

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities

We teach and conduct research in the fields of language, religion, history, archaeology, philosophy, history of ideas, art, literature, ethnology, media and culture.


Read more about the research conducted at departments and units and about research infrastructures.


The Faculty offers 13 undergraduate and 5 master's programmes and a wide selection of freestanding courses.


Jet streams in Mars' magnetic layer fascinate researchers

New discovery using data from NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.

Reduced carbon dioxide emissions from lime kilns

By introducing biofuels instead of fossil fuels in lime kilns carbon dioxide emissions have decreased.

A step closer towards cheap hydrogen

New method prevents expensive precious metals from breaking down in the process when hydrogen gas is made.

Save the date: TAIGA days 11-13 October

Centre for Transdisciplinary AI (TAIGA) invites researchers to our yearly event 11-13 October.

Thesis about how a mosquito-borne virus hijacks human cells

A thesis reveals new insight about how the chikungunya virus builds "factories" when taking over cells.

The Arctic Centre attends the UArctic Assembly in Quebec

Read about Arctic Centre's visit to Canada and the UArctic Assembly 2023.