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Umu card

The Umu card is a multifunction card that you use as an access card (not for NUS premises), borrowing card for the University library, and copying and printing card. To get the card, you need to apply for it.

Pick up your Umu card from the Pavilion

Between 31 August and 4 September, you can pick up your Umu card from the Pavilion by the Campus Pond instead of from Infocenter. The Pavilion is open Monday–Friday from 9:00–15:00.

During this period, Infocenter is open, but we urge everyone to contact us by email, phone or chat instead of personal visits to avoid crowding in our premises.

How the UmU card functions


With the UmU card you will get access to the premises you need for your course even after office hours. The entry function is linked to the validity period on the card.  The card's validity period is based on the courses you are registered for in Ladok.

You need to update the card's validity period at the start of each term.

Borrowing card

Your UmU card works as a borrowing card at Umeå University library, The Research Archives, Medical Library and UB Arts Campus during the period you are a student.

Borrowing rules at Umeå University library.

Printing and copying

You can use your UmU card to identify yourself at the printer when you want to print, copy or scan. You can print from the University computers or from your own computer and collect your printed pages from any printer within the University, marked with "UmU card".

How do I fill my Copyprint account?

Here’s how to apply for the Umu card

  1. Activate your Umu ID.
  2. Log in to and check your email address. The instructions on how to order the Umu card will be sent to that email address.
  3. Log in to the student web.
  4. Click the button “Apply for Umu card”.
  5. Within a few days you will receive an email explaining what you need to do to order your card.

Please note! If you already have a Umu card and only want to update its validity, you shall not apply for a new card. Find out more further down on this page.

If I don't get the e-mail

If you can´t find the message in the inbox in your email account, please check the spam folder. If you still can´t find the message, please turn to Infocenter for help.

Pick up your Umu card

Pick up your printed card at Infocenter, open weekdays from 8:00–16:30. Generally, it takes 2–4 days from the time you ordered your card until you can pick it up. During the start of each semester, it may take longer before you can pick up your card.

Update your card

You need to update the card's validity when a new term starts. In order to do that, you must first register on your course. There are two update printers at the Infocenter that you use to enter new validity on your card. There is also an update printer at the Umeå Arts Campus outside HumLab-X and one at Campus Örnsköldsvik.

Have you lost your card and need a new one?

If so, you can apply for a new card on this page. Your previous card will be blocked once you click the button above. There will be a fee of 50 SEK if you have lost your previous card and apply for a new one.

If you need help

If you have any questions about the Umu card, please contact Infocenter.

I am a distance student, do I need the Umu card?

If you don't need access to the university premises during evenings and weekends, access to university printers or to borrow books from the library, you don’t need a Umu card.